These brands dominate if you’re looking for lower car insurance rates

Jeep Renegade leaves most other vehicles in dust on car-insurance rates.

Jeep, Honda, Subaru. These are the vehicles ranks among the least expensive to insure. On average, less than a third the cost of insuring the Mercedes-Benz that tops the list of most expensive. In fact, Jeep placed five models among the 10 least-expensive vehicles – No. 2, Renegade Sport ($1,138), No. 3 Wrangler Black […]

Where car insurance is most expensive – and which state is No. 1

Where car insurance is most expensive – and which state is No. 1

This is a list where you don’t want to rank No. 1. Unfortunately for residents of Michigan, their state does. “For the fourth consecutive year, Michigan ‘wins’ for the most expensive state for car insurance,” writes Penny Gusner at, almost twice the national average at $2,394. The car-insurance comparison website identified 23 states (plus […]

Total eclipse gives models with heavenly names a chance to shine

Total eclipse gives models with heavenly names a chance to shine

If only … Mitsubishi still made the Eclipse. Monday’s total eclipse of the sun from about 10:17 a.m. Pacific Time to about 2:47 p.m. Eastern Time would have been a no-brainer of an advertising opportunity. Alas. The sport compact car, model years 1990-2012, no longer is available new. Although you still can find plenty of […]

Mainstream vehicles closing the appeal gap with premium models

The Chrysler Pacifica ranked as most-appealing minivan.

Mainstream vehicles are getting more appealing. At least that’s what J.D. Power’s 2017 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study (APEAL) purports to show. The rise is due to rapid improvements in vehicle technology and safety features, making them more comparable to premium products, according to the study. This year’s index showed that 32 brands averaged […]

The car you drive may show your odds of getting a ticket, website says

Drivers of the Lexus ES 300 are most likely to get a traffic ticket.

One-third of Lexus ES 300 drivers have gotten traffic tickets. Only three percent of Buick Encore drivers. In between are 325 other models ranked according to the percentage of their drivers who have been ticketed for speeding by police, based on a study by “Cars don’t get tickets. Drivers do,” said, an online […]

Where to find top-rated used vehicles from 1992 to the present users rate the Toyota FJ Cruiser their No. 1 SUV for 2012.

Let’s say you want to buy a used vehicle. It wouldn’t be that unusual, since Americans purchase more than two used vehicles for every new one. But unlike buying new, which offers several hundred choices each year, the used-vehicle universe is populated by thousands of them (one popular website offers 25 years’ worth in 12 […]

Shopping for a used vehicle? Analysis shows that 10-year-old model most sensible

It may be more financially savvy to buy a 10-year-old Ford F150 than this new one.

If you’re shopping for a used truck, how about a 2007 Ford F150 pickup? That’s right a 10-year-old model. Which you then should drive for five years, based on a chart on Reddit and reported by MarketWatch, to squeeze the most possible value out of your vehicle, then repeat the process. The chart compared vehicle […]

Chevrolet, four other brands get most love in Total Quality survey

The Chevrolet Colorado is “Quality” winner among standard pickups.

How do you spell quality? C-h-e-v-r-o-l-e-t, according to consulting firm Strategic Vision. Based on a survey of 42,000 new-car owners, the Detroit-based automaker captured five of 27 categories in Strategic Vision’s 2017 Total Quality Impact (TQI) awards. A total of 18 brands were represented in the survey results. The results offer new-car shoppers a glimpse […]

Why and how you may find the right incentive to buy a new car now

Why and how you may find the right incentive to buy a new car now

It’s a good time to buy a new car. Sales are down. Incentives are up. New models are hitting showrooms. And the opportunity probably won’t end with the summer sales season. “Targeted incentives likely will continue rising this year as lease returns and lack of consumer demand pressure sedan pricing,” reported Automotive News, citing the […]

Heart of America fluttering over Buick – Google search results

Heart of America fluttering over Buick – Google search results

Buick is a hit among online vehicle shoppers, at least in the America’s Heartland. The brand, which has been working on remaking its image for several years, was the most-searched in 10 states from the Dakotas to the Ohio Valley, according to a study of Google search data. The only other brand that showed such […]